About EGE

Our vision

Ellacy will make a difference in a person's life, and improve a country through education.

Our mission

Provides education opportunities for students through partnerships with education institutions, agencies and leaders worldwide.


Ellacy Global Education is an education-based company with the focus to help advance education opportunities for students globally.

  • We are a U.S. based company, with branch offices and affiliates in multiple countries
  • We recruit students for our partner universities, and in-turn offer the students excellent scholarships opportunities from our partner universities
  • We serve as a bridge to create partnerships between different universities in different countries with unique opportunities for students at lowest tuition costs.
  • We host Executive Level Educational Certificate Granting Seminars at world leading institutions such as Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and Columbia University in New York.
  • We enlist support of many ministries of education and offer our student members excellent low cost educational training and language enhancement programs

  • We host international high school student exchange programs  with guaranteed student supervision

  • Through support from the Ministry of Education and Training, we partner with High Schools and Universities to offer scholarship opportunities to students
    • High Schools: Freshmen students from some of the best schools in Vietnam, often Gifted & Talented programs
    • Colleges & Universities: Transfer students through partnerships or graduate programs
  • Our programs span from high school, to college undergraduate, and graduate, including transfer student opportunities and online degree granting programs eliminating the need for relocation and providing substantial cost savings to our members …


  • Scholarships opportunities from partner universities
  • Prepared documents from our knowledgeable staff
  • Visa preparation and practice interview sessions
  • Admission advice and decisions in advance
  • We are here to help every step of the way


  • Ellacy enables universities to create partnership programs
    • 2+2 Undergraduate Program
    • 1+1 (or less) Master Program
    • Master Program 100% at the foreign university
    • Recruitment through 0+4, 0+2 programs
    • Study Abroad 1-semester, 1-year
    • Short course training program.
    • Executive Leadership
  • Ellacy is designated administrative agents to execute programs
    • Organize, market and execute programs
    • No cost to gaining university









Our people

  • President

    Ms. Ella Nguyen

    Ms. Ella Nguyen is a veteran Education consulting expert. She has been an executive-level managers or directors for three different educational companies and institutions in Singapore and Vietnam. She directs and manages study-overseas and international student programs, including managing all International Student programs, directs all student Visa applications, and directs all student programs for the US, Canada, Europe and South Korea. She has partnered with the best Ivy League universities in the U.S. to make executive-level leadership education available to the public. She brought her vast experience in the education field to the US, and is the founder of Ellacy Global and sets the vision for Ellacy’s global operations.

  • CEO

    Mr. Cuong T. Nguyen, Maj. Ret.

    Mr. Nguyen is retired Scientist from the United States Air Force. As a Scientist, he has managed multiple complex technology projects with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, helped developed the A-10C attack jet, many Cyber systems, and helped revolutionized the Command and Control systems being used today. He has engaged in a broad number of Research and Development projects encompassing aircraft and space systems, cyber systems, command & control systems, communications and other high-tech and special projects. Mr. Nguyen is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Ellacy Global, a US-based company specializing in Education, Trade, Consulting and Investments in US and Vietnam. He is the business development director and operations director for Ellacy Global subsidiary companies. He is also working with partners and consults in other projects to help revolutionize education. Mr. Nguyen holds a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Operations Research. He led his team to win the prestigious Theodore von Karmen Award for outstanding excellence in the field of science and engineering in Aerospace. He has been recognized for numerous scientific initiatives, and was a finalist in the White House Fellow