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Stanford University - Intern Game Economist
Stanford University
Santa Monica, California, United States
Internship - Game Economist


Activision Blizzard King is the largest video game company in the world, with titles like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Destiny, and Candy Crush.  We have an in-house economics group to design field experiments on a massive scale and focus on the optimization of in-game digital revenue from microtransactions.  Our games have millions of active users, and to give you an idea of the revenue growth, take a look at the 5-year performance of the S&P 500, Amazon and ATVI.

Examples of Potential Projects

Currently there is an internship opportunity at one of our game studios in Santa Monica.  The candidate should at the minimum have a concentration in economics and applied math, with excellent grades in econometrics.  An ideal candidate should be business-savvy/entrepreneurial (we are managing a live revenue stream) and have experience working with big data.  You will take on the task of running field experiments, determining casual inference, modeling demand, and building simulations of complex in-game economics.

  • Support econometric analysis of experimental and observational data
  • Develop metrics and monitor the health of live multimillion-dollar service business
  • Build economic models to forecast revenue and player activity


Your background should include:
  • BA in both economics and applied math, with coursework in econometrics and statistics
  • Candidate must have ability to apply training to real-world issues, with real-world deadlines
  • Fluent in analysis software such as R or Python as well as SQL
  • Communicate clearly with non-technical audiences about economic impacts on game design, monetization, user acquisition, and player engagement
  • A love for deep, complex video games

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Game Economist
Game Economist