EGE Intership EGE Intership on Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Boston, MA
Preclinical Safety Assessment Intern - Vertex Pharmaceuticals

In this internship project you will work in the in vitro toxicology group to develop and apply cutting-edge experimental and computational methods, to characterize drug effects on neuronal activity. You will be exposed to, and directly participate in, the drug research and development process with opportunities to develop and apply robotic liquid handling instrumentation and a variety of wet-lab and dry-lab techniques. 

Scope of Internship

  • Optimize experimental conditions for analysis of neuronal spiking in a multi-well plate microelectrode array platform
  • Evaluate feature-based and end-to-end machine learning algorithms for neuronal spike train analysis
  • Investigate the use of machine learning classifiers (decision trees, support vector machines, neural networks) to categorize neuroactivity profiles of compounds with different mechanisms of action

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be self-driven, focused, highly-motivated, and have an excellent work ethic
  • Have strong communication skills and be detail-oriented
  • Ability and desire to work both independently and collaboratively

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Wet-lab experience with mammalian cell culture (preferably neuronal) and biochemical assays
  • Programming in MATLAB, Python, and/or R
  • Conceptual understanding and hands-on experience in statistical data analysis, signal processing, and/or machine learning concepts and tools

Full-Time or Part-Time Full-Time 



Preclinical Safety Assessment Intern
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