9 Steps to Get You Ready to Move Abroad

Published by Ammy Vo January 17, 2018
Whether you're moving to London to study abroad for a year or working in Bali indefinitely, the process is entirely manageable.

Careers after 12: Three things to consider

Published by Thuy Vo, EGE Staff Writer December 15, 2017
Students are even opting to pursue engineering abroad instead of picking the IITs. So, how do you start with choosing to study abroad for your undergraduate degree?

Minnesota universities exception to decline in foreign student enrollment

Published by EGE News December 4, 2017
This fall, the U welcomed 6,060 foreign students from more than 100 countries to the Twin Cities campus — almost the same as last year — while the number of new international freshmen crept up by 1 percent.

International students must decide whether to stay or leave

Published by EGE News December 3, 2017
Haifa Alhumaid, a senior from Saudi Arabia, plans to enroll in SMU’s accounting program after getting her undergraduate degree in May. After that, she plans to return to her home country.

Some Minnesota Universities See Increase in Foreign Students

Published by EGE News December 3, 2017
Minnesota universities have seen a slight increase in international students despite a national decline in foreign college students enrolling in U.S. schools.

International student numbers up at East Texas colleges

Published by EGE News December 2, 2017
Longview-area institutions of higher learning appear to be bucking a recent trend at Texas public universities of declining numbers of international students.

Why some international students at Penn opt for STEM majors to keep their visas

Published by EGE News December 1, 2017
International students who wish to stay in the United States must take their post-graduation visa statuses into consideration. For many, visa status plays a significant role in selecting majors, as well as potential job opportunities.