Published by EGE News Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Vault Releases The Top 20 Most Prestigious Internships For 2018

Source: Forbes


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Students are frequently told that they need to complete an internship while in college in order to land a reputable job after they graduate. With ample information available about prospective internships and companies that offer them, students are able to decide which opportunities they should pursue, without moving past their laptop or phone.

One of the tools they might use to rank their desired internship is Vault’s most recently released list of the top 20 most prestigious internships, as ranked by students.


Students weighed in on which internships were most prestigious.

This year’s list didn’t have too many surprises, but validates that America’s most popular companies are generally king when it comes to student desire to intern at the company.

Vault’s Top 20 Most Prestigious Internships

1. Google

2. Apple

4. Microsoft

5. Goldman Sachs

6. Tesla Motors

7. Amazon

8. J.P. Morgan
9. Morgan Stanley

10. The Walt Disney Company

11. Nike

12. Netflix

13. PwC

14. IBM

15. Deloitte

16. The Boston Consulting Group

17. Intel

18. ESPN

19. Mercedes-Benz

20. Berkshire Hathaway

The most prestigious ranking was largely a measurement of which internships students wanted on their resume. Beyond name recognition though, students had a number of reasons for desiring a spot with these companies.

Reasons For Ranking Prestigious Internships

The most frequent comments about the top companies were that they are the top in their industry, innovative, pay their interns well, and best cultural fit. However, when forced to choose, survey respondents made it clear that pay was most important to them.

“Pay was the No. 1 deciding factor when choosing an internship,” said Derek Loosvelt, Senior Editor at Vault, a career intelligence website. “Location was a close second, followed by career advancement in their chosen industry and the opportunity for a full-time job offer.”

It’s very interesting that pay was such an important factor for students interested in internships. Most college students are strapped for cash, so their need to make money during their internship is real.