Published by Monday, January 1, 0001

This contest will take place at 2 schools with different date and time:



As you know, our GSE competition is no different from a college competition. The only difference is that the knowledge required to do the test is much simpler than the university exam so you do not need to worry.

We will have Mathematics, Subjects in Science and Society and English. The content will revolve around the knowledge of high school students and the usual knowledge in life. Moreover, EGE will emphasize that the competition is completely sticking to the knowledge of high school students themselves. If you are high school students and follow the curriculum so far, there is nothing to fear!


What to bring

There are only few days left of the Global Scholarship Exam, which will take place at HCMC Foreign Trade University and Giong Ong To Highschool. Are the GSE-ers ready for this event?

In this article, EGE will suggest you a checklist of indispensable items when participating in this contest offline:

  • Entry form
  • Ruler and pen (all types of pen is always good, except red pen and eraser ^^)
  • Brain - an indispensable ingredient
  • Drinking water
  • Tissue to wipe off sweat and serve other purposes
  • Calculator
  • Blankets and pillows if you want to have a good nap (just kidding ^^)

That must be enough for you to be able to successfully pass in this race with the GSE. Good luck with the exam everyone!