By participating in the Business Essentials Program, you will gain not only a chance to work in
Vancouver, one of Canada’s most dynamic cities, but you will also learn strategic hospitality
and/or business management skills, and strengthen your English level academically and
This course is designed to increase your familiarity with marketing, presentations, public
speaking, business communication, resumes and job interviews in North America. Having a
higher-level qualification from a Canadian-recognized college, along with a relevant work
experience, will allow you to become more confident, thrive in your career, and succeed in the
workplace. The program emphasizes learning by doing, and therefore students are regularly
required to work on actual projects. Students are exposed to an environment that encourages
two-way interaction between students and instructors.
The program is divided equally into two components: for the first 50% of the program you will
study, and in the next 50% of the program you will gain relevant work experience. Programs are
6 or 12 months in length. In addition, you may also work part time while studying for the entire
duration of your program. This will enable you to earn money to support your stay in Canada.

What is included?

  • Higher level education at a Vancouver College (Designated Learning Institution)
  • Program Fees.
  • Option to work part-time during study period (up to 20 hours per week)
  • Guaranteed paid job in the Hospitality/ Customer Service Industry.
  • Welcome orientation
  • Canadian-style resume revision and Interview preparation.
  • Assistance with Social Insurance Number, free bank account, cell phone, etc.
  • Ongoing support for the duration of the program

Program Term

The Business Essentials Program includes a period of in-class study at a top Vancouver college, and following this, you will start a period of work experience. We will guarantee a job in the Hospitality or Customer Service Industry, ideal to develop and perfect your practical skills. Moreover, you can work part-time up to 20 hours/week during the whole duration of the program.

 50% Study + 50% Co-op Term = Paid Work Internship Experience

In- cla s s S t u d y T e r m

During the first component of the program, you will be studying at a college. Their campus is located downtown Vancouver and in the heart of the trendy Gastown district, one of Vancouver’s most culturally diverse and historical neighborhoods. They offer a great learning environment, featuring small class sizes, and highly-qualified instructors with years of experience in the industry.

They are accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA) and a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) authorized to receive international students in programs that require a study and work permit.

Co- op Wor k  E x p e r i e n c e  Term

After completing the in-class study term of the program, you will spend the remaining half in a practical work environment under the supervision of our placement coordinators. This is a unique opportunity for you to acquire business skills and practice your English in real-life situations. You will get a guaranteed paid position through a casual job in the Hospitality Service Industry. We cannot guarantee paid professional internship opportunities. Six weeks prior to the start of your co-op internship, one of our coordinators will ask you to come to our representative office to begin your placement process.

Off  campus Work

You are allowed to work during the whole duration of the program, using your study permit. This is a great way to earn money to pay off your living expenses (rent, food etc.). You can work up to 20 hours per week during regular in-class study period, and full time during scheduled breaks and holidays (i.e. spring break).

Most students find entry-level job positions in the service and hospitality industry such as: waiter, hostess, busser, barista, cook, room attendant, store clerk, cashier, room attendant, or food counter clerk. These positions usually have flexible schedules and minimum wage in the province of British Columbia is $10.85/hour. EGE will not provide this part-time job while study to the student.

Program available

6 Months (3 months study + 3 months work experience)

This program focuses on cutting-edge firsts, up-to-date issues that shape today’s business world that helps students to build a solid foundation of business knowledge. Courses Included: Introducing the Contemporary Business World, The Business of Managing, Managing Operations and Information, Principles of Marketing & Managing Financial Issues.

If you would like to improve your Communication Skills in Canada, check our Communications study plan as well, also available for 6 months program! (3 months study + 3 months work experience).


12 Months ( 6 months study + 6 months work experience )

In  only  6  months  you  will  build  your  knowledge  and  skills  in  Management,  Business Communication and Economics.

Courses include all classes from the above 6 months program plus: Leadership, Accounting, Economics, Social Media Marketing … Check the study plan for our 6+6 Business Management Program to have a better insight of what you will be studying in Vancouver!

Who should take this program?

Young or university graduates in business or fields outside of business who want to have international experience in their resume. This program would benefit the careers of people who are:

  • Early career professionals wanting to develop foundational business administration skills
  • Pursuing a career in an international environment abroad or in their home country
  • International students interested in studying business administration or management functions from a Canadian perspective, while working to pay their expenses.

Upon completion of the program, you will?

  • Apply business knowledge and skills to enhance performance as an employee and to contribute to the management of an enterprise.
  • Have gained an opportunity to develop and practice your business and communicating skills through your work experience, getting a network of professional contacts in Canada!


College campus is located in downtown Vancouver and in the heart of trendy Gastown district, one of Vancouver’s most culturally diverse and historical neighborhoods.

Eligibility & Visa 

  • Intermediate English Level: TOEFL 510, IELTS 5 or equivalent*
  • Be eligible for a Canadian Study and Co-op work permit (valid passport)
  • Copy of highest diploma/degree (min. High School)
  • At least 19 years old.

*Note: Applicants must complete a free language assessment test if they cannot provide proof of English level as described above. The language assessment might include a Skype interview and a written component. Applicants must obtain a minimum of 64/100 to be eligible for this program


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ELTTI Observation (10 -12 am)

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ELTTI Observation (1:30 - 3:30 pm)

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