Ca' Foscari University of Venice is a modern university, which encompasses a vast and varied array of undergraduate and graduate degrees, in addition to numerous PhD programmes and a wide selection of executive courses.

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In order to ensure that everyone effectively has access to higher education, Ca' Foscari offers students a variety of financial aid: scholarships, exemptions and reduction of fees, student loans, prizes for outstanding dissertations and other forms of concession.



A scholarship is a financial aid that aims to help students with their living costs and therefore varies in amount depending on the student’s status:

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  • Non-resident Students: EUR 4,524.00 and a free daily meal in the university refectories
  • Commuting Student:  EUR 2,427.50 and a free daily meal in the university refectories
  • Resident Student: EUR 1,934.00 and a free daily meal in the university refectories


Pay attention: If you cannot use the refectory service because you are participating in the international Erasmus+ programme, the deduction for the refectory service will only be applied for the months in which you are actually staying in Italy, and you will be entitled to a proportionally higher scholarship –  a maximum of EUR 5,124.00 for non-resident students, and EUR 2,827.50 for commuting students, respectively.



Income Requirements

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To participate in the award of scholarships you must have an economic condition (ISEE) of less than EUR 23,000.00 and an asset situation (ISPE) of less than EUR 35,434.78. These conditions are defined on the basis of your ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator).


Merit Requirements

The calculation of merit requirements of students enrolled in first- or second-cycle degree programmes, the following ECTS are not taken into account:


  • recognised from previous university careers ending in graduation or following withdrawal/forfeiture or other activities carried out prior to enrolment for which a credit exemption was obtained;
  • deriving from single courses followed prior to enrollment to the Bachelor's/Master/s degree programme;
  • deriving from partial exams.


Enrolment in another study programme following withdrawal from your studies is considered a first enrolment and previous years of enrolment will not be taken into consideration (from the date of your matriculation), provided you did not receive a scholarship during your previous enrolment.




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