Black Hills State University (BHSU), which was founded in 1883, is located at 1200 University Street, Unit #9502, Spearfish, South Dakota. This place is recognized as one of the top 10 most livable small towns in the USA and has also been recognized nationally for outdoor recreational opportunities.

The university has over 4,000 students, offers 75 academic programs at the associate, bachelor, and master degree levels and earns a reputation for innovative, high-quality academic programs and a dynamic learning community. The 123-acre campus includes 5 Residence Halls, 8-Building Apartment Complex and maintains top academic programs in business, exercise science, natural sciences, social sciences, the arts, mass communication, health sciences and education.
Spectacular settings have a way of inspiring amazing opportunities and when your surroundings have as much history and majesty as the Black Hills of South Dakota, there’s no telling just how far your education will take you.


As the 1990s approached, Black Hills State College was recognized officially as Black Hills State University. While still maintaining our mission of preparing educators for South Dakota, the university now served the populace with majors in the areas of Business & Technology and Arts & Sciences.

Our distance education offerings are growing each year, reaching more of our place-bound South Dakota residents. Innovation in research has more than quadrupled the grant funding received by faculty members at this institution, as each year they bring new interests and energy to the campus.

Our students perform at or above the national average on all measures of competencies, both general and content area-specific. We are proud of the institution, our history, and our legacy of dedicated faculty, staff, and students.

Black Hills State University is now an institution comprised of 123 acres of land overlooking the city of Spearfish.

Black Hills State University is located in beautiful Spearfish, SD, the hub of the Northern Black Hills with a population of over 12,500. Located on I-90, 10 minutes from the Wyoming border, Spearfish is only 46 miles from Rapid City, 65 miles from Mount Rushmore National Memorial and is an hour drive from Devils Tower and the Badlands of South Dakota. Spearfish Canyon, one of the oldest and most scenic canyons in the west, is a local favorite for hiking, biking and sightseeing.

As the second largest city in Western South Dakota, Spearfish offers a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, historic landmarks, movie theatres and other entertainment outlets. Students can enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills while skiing, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing and hiking.
BHSU offers the best of both worlds - a welcoming, small-town atmosphere and easy access to all the activities and amenities of a larger town, and it's just 50 miles from the second-largest city in South Dakota.
The BHSU experience goes beyond the classroom. The scenic Black Hills that surround our 123-acre campus not only offer endless options for recreation, they are also host to many unique research opportunities.
Our Spearfish campus is within an hour and a half drive of 2,000+ climbing routes and endless bouldering. Just minutes from our doorstep, the Northern Black Hills offer great ice climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding.



Black Hills State University has an outstanding scholarship program that has been established by friends, alumni, faculty, staff and students. Scholarships are based on student achievements and may vary from a one semester to a four-year award. There are following scholarships:

  • The Presidential Medallion Scholarship ranges between $2,000 and $16,000


  • Northern Hills Jacket Incentive Scholarship ranges between $2,000 and $4,000


  • Southern Hills Jacket Incentive Scholarship ranges between $2,000 and $4,000


  • Humbert Hall Room Scholarship provides students with one-half the cost of their residence hall room in Humbert Hall for up to two years.
  • Buzz Bonus Scholarship is available to high school graduate with the requirement of minimum ACT score of 21 and in the upper 33% of class rank or 3.0 GPA

Besides, EGE’s students also have a chance to receive a 4 year free living on campus scholarship, up to 13,800$. One in three students applying through EGE will be considered to receive that scholarship


  • Winds of Change Magazine named Black Hills State University one of the Top 200 Colleges for Native Americans in 2016.
  • Ranked number 7 on The Top 10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Outdoor Adventurers by Allthingswaterproof.com in 2016.
  • Black Hills State University ranked number 25 on 50 Most Affordable Small Colleges for a Master’s in Education by TopEducationDegrees.org in 2016.