California Miramar University

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California Miramar University is currently accredited directly by the United States Department of Education. In December of 2016, California Miramar University signed a Provisional Program Participation Agreement with the United States Department of Education. CMU was granted up to 18 months of “recognized accreditation” provided it makes continuous progress toward accreditation with an agency recognized by the Department of Education. California Miramar University has met all the timelines with the Department and expects additional accreditation with a recognized agency within the allotted 18-month timeline.


The California Post-Secondary Education Commission and California Miramar University list CMU's date of establishment as 2005.

According to California Miramar University's website, CMU purchased the assets of Pacific Western University – California, including its State of California approval status, in late 2005. As part of the asset sale, an institutions transition plan was implemented that called for PWU (California) to relocate to San Diego and teach out all active students over 18 months

In early 2007 the conditions of the asset transition were complete and the California State Approval was officially transferred to CMU. At that time Pacific Western University (California) ceased operations. Later that year California Miramar University filed for accreditation. As part of the accreditation process the accrediting agency ruled that CMU and PWU California were separate schools that operated under separate academic standards. The accreditation agencies stipulated that graduates of Pacific Western University - California would not be eligible to receive CMU diplomas or transcripts and that the records of the two schools should be held separate.


University is a small, private university, we know our students by name and support them every step of the way. CMU's Miramar Campus is located twenty minutes from San Diego's world-famous venues including historic downtown Gaslamp District, world-renowned San Diego Zoo, the beaches of La Jolla Shores, and the San Diego Convention Center. Furthermore, CMU is surrounded by some of the country's leading biotech, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication companies.


The Vision of the University is to adhere to the highest expectations of education and industry, to prepare students for their personal and professional goals. Each program is intended to help students in their career advancement in five key areas, which encompass the entire learning environment. These five key areas are:

1) Knowledge.

2) Communication Skills.

3) Technical Skills.

4) Social and Ethical Skills.

5) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills.


Course and Tuition fee:


+$325.00 per credit hour • $975.00 per course


$450.00 per credit hour • $1,350.00 per course


$485 per credit hour • $1,455 per course

Undergraduate Programs:

+Associate of Science in Business Administration

+Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

+Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Business Administration • Finance
  • International Business • Marketing
  • Sports Management

Graduate Programs:

Master of Business Administration

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Business Administration • Finance • Marketing
  • International Business • Health Care Management
  • Technology Management

Master of Science in Strategic Leadership

This program prepares students to become professional leaders or administrators in their own career path in business organizations.

Master of Science in Computer

Information Systems

Doctor of Business Administration

Areas of Concentration:

  • International Business Administration • Finance
  • Strategic Management • Marketing

Why Should Choose CMU ?

  • Affordable – Same tuition for all students regardless of domestic or international.
  • Faculty – Experts bringing real world experiences into the classroom.
  • Class Size – Small classes offering higher faculty-student interaction.
  • Student Services – Dynamic personal assistance and not just a number.
  • No SAT, GMAT, or GRE scores required.
  • Location – Mediterranean climate, miles of beaches, cultural venues, sports, and a short drive to Los Angeles, mountains, and desert.


  • #top 1% College Factual Most Focused Business Administration
  • #top 1% College Factual Most Focused Business , Management and Marketing
  • #top 5% College Factual Ethnic Diversity Nationwide