Being the largest bilingual college in North America, LaSalle College counts five speciality schools with over 60 programs to choose from. Each year, its campus welcomes close to 25 % of its student population from all corners of the globe. From the very first week of class up until the day you graduate, LaSalle College walks the extra mile for its students.

Founded in 1959, LaSalle College is a Canadian private post-secondary educational institution specializing in vocational and pre-university programs. Their programs bridge college level education and the various outlets, be it the industry, organizations or university. Located downtown Montreal, LaSalle College is the largest bilingual college in North America.


LaSalle International’s first educational establishment opens its doors in 1959. It all starts with the LaSalle College located in the LaSalle borough of Montreal.  Mr. Jean-Paul Morin is the founder of the College. This Canadian entrepreneur's mission is to create job opportunities for the Quebec population by providing education that is in line with job market demands.

Just as 50 years ago, LaSalle College continues to connect its students to the realities of the workplace. From secretarial courses back in 1959 to the opening of the Fucshia restaurant in 1996 for students in Professional Cooking and Food Service Management, the College raises the bar in private vocational training.

An environment of excellence:

Conscious to offer an ultramodern environment of excellence, LaSalle College offers to its students complementary facilities to foster high caliber post-secondary training.

The access to these facilities is also granted to employees and to the public, allowing them to enjoy the expertise of LaSalle College and its students.


  • Fashion, Arts & Design
  • Business & Technologies
  • E-learning
  • Social Sciences & Education
  • Hotel Management & Tourism

As per the Quebec educational system, the College grants 3 types of diplomas:

  • DEC (Diploma of College Studies) – A pre-university and technical diploma that qualifies students for either university studies or for the job market.
  • DVS / DEP (Diploma of Vocational Training): A diploma that prepares students for direct employment
  • AEC (Attestation of College Studies) – A continuing education and technical diploma that serves to upgrade one’s existing skill set or reorient one’s career.


Tuition Fees:

Eligibility conditions:

  1. Students must be permanent residents, Canadian citizens or political refugees.
  2. Students must provide proof of Québec residency.
  3. Programs must be recognized by the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES).>All programs at LaSalle College (on campus or online) are recognized for loans and bursaries.

Information detail about tuition:

< fees:https://www.gostudy.com.cn/vocation/lasalle/LCI_courses_price_list-2013.pdf >

Why Should Choose Lasalle?

  • Programs offered in French and English with the option to alternate some of your classes to a second language and some programs are offered as bilingual options.
  • Practical educational projects that reflect professional realities and lead to internationally-recognized diplomas.
  • One of the most flexible college in Quebec, allowing for accelerated studies.
  • Enthusiastic, devoted teachers with a solid background in the workforce.
  • Access to Work-Study programs.
  • Opportunities for students to participate in regional, national and international contests.
  • Internships with the most innovative companies.
  • A campus that encourages environmentally conscious practices throughout various initiatives.
  • Programs facilitating an entrepreneurial development.
  • Continuous interaction with students from over 75 countries and students from the 22 colleges part of the LCI Education network through the Study Abroad Program.
  • Various sports activities and a deversified cultural calendar.



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