Yeungnam University


Yeungnam University is a private research university, located in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. Yeungnam University has fostered talents that contribute to the nation’s development based on a foundational philosophy to “create a new history to revive our nation based on a patriotic spirit” for the past 69 years. As such, our university has taken its place as “the best university south of the Han River.” We will continue to fulfil our social responsibilities and roles and devote ourselves to become a university that fosters talents that lead the new era.


Yeungnam University was founded in 1967 through the merger of Daegu College and Chunggu College which were founded in 1947 and 1950 respectively.

In the early 1970s, the Graduate School of Management and Graduate Departments of Korean Language and Literature, Law, and Economics have established afterwards the Main Administration Offices, College of Liberal Arts, College of Law & Political Science and College of Commerce and Economics were relocated from the Daegu campus. During the mid-1970s the 21-story main library-cum-faculty office building and the main administration building also accomplished. During the 1980s, Yeungnam University hospital, Foreign Language Institute and University Museum opened.

Each year many International students join at Yeungnam University for their Masters or PhD degree and proceed on their research work. In 2010 Yeungnam University is selected one of the top 10 Asian International Universities for the dramatic changes in the global education of the new millennium by Asian Correspondent news report.


Yeungnam University has two campuses, Gyeongsan is the main campus and other is Daegu campus. Located in the city of Gyeongsan in the south-eastern part of the Korean Peninsula, the city is adjacent to the Daegu metropolis, the third largest city in Korea, and it takes one and a half hours from Seoul, Capital of Korea by train, and one hour from Busan, the 2nd largest city in Korea.

Gyeongsan Campus : Land of 2,649,458m2 and 161 buildings in a space of 413,841m2

Daemyung Campus : Land of 85,081m2 and 6 buildings in a space of 25,133m2

Yeungnam University has 22,000 undergraduate students, 3,500 graduate students, and 1,000 faculty members and staff with fine facilities and academic organizations. There are also 11 auxiliary organizations, including the Center for International Programs, the Foreign Language Institute, and 38 academic research institutes on the scenic 900-acre (3.6 km2) campus.

Program and tuition fees:

  • Undergraduate Colleges & Schools
  • Yeungnam University is unusual among great universities in having eighteen schools on one campus: Humanities and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Business, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Education, and others.
  • Departments of the College:
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Mechanical and IT Engineering
  • College of Law
  • College of Political Science and Public Administration
  • College of Business and Economics
  • School of Business
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Life and Applied Sciences
  • College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology
  • College of Education
  • College of Design & Art
  • College of MusicEvening Programs
  • College of Basic StudiesSchool of Architecture
  • School of International Studies

Achievement :

  • 'True Education Award of Korea' selected by the Journalists Federation of Korea in 2014
  • - The 1st 'Korean Education Donation Award' from the Ministry of Education in 2012
  • - The prize for 'University of the Year' at the 'Engineering Education Festa' in 2012
  • - Presidential Prize for 'Job Creation Assistance Program' in 2010
  • - The 1st Presidential Prize for 'Voluntary Work nationwide' in 2010
  • - Grand Prize for 'Innovation in Education' in 2010



Tuition & Fee (2017 Academic Year)


KRW 5,826,000 ~ KRW 9,028,000


KRW 6,952,000 ~ KRW 16,352,000

Dormitory (For 6 Months)

KRW 1,140,000 (Optional Meal Plan : KRW 674,000)


  • University has a Korean government scholarship program.  Qualified students may receive additional $500 USD per month as stipend (For freshmen & Current student).
  • Additional, graduate students may receive scholarships and possible stipends from university research departments, where professors receive grants to perform research for a project.  Students are paid to assist in the research, thus it could offset or pay for all tuition. 

First semester



Required Qualification

100% Tuition Waiver+Stipend (KR W500,000)

Those who have TOPIK level 5 or 6

70% Tuition Waiver+Stipend (KR W300,000)

Those who have TOPIK level 4

50% Tuition Waiver

All other international students

(freshman student and transfer students)


2nd Semester and Afterwards




100% Tuition Waiver

TOPIK level 4 or above and GPA 4.3 ~ 4.5

70% Tuition Waiver

TOPIK level 4 or above and GPA 4.0 ~ less than 4.3

50% Tuition Waiver

Those who are without TOPIK 4 and GPA 3.0 ~ less than 4.0

30% Tuition Waiver

GPA 2.5~ less than 3.0

Scholarship for TOPIK achievement: KRW 500,000

- Freshmen: If students without a TOPIK level 4 at the time of their application achieve a TOPIK level 4 or above within 4 semesters after their admission, they will receive the above-mentioned scholarship.

- Transfer Students: If students without a TOPIK level 4 at the time of their application achieve the TOPIK level 4 or above within 2 semesters after their admission, they will receive the above-mentioned scholarship.


  • Country Rank : 21
  • World Rank : 853